Video Top secret of Airplane bomber - Somaliland -Shabaab ? 16F Seat -Ticket Angola

Video Top secret of Airplane bomber - Somaliland -Shabaab ? 16F Seat -Ticket Angola

The Waagacusub Media reported that according to U.S investigators, the suspected bomber, who was blown out of the Daallo airlines applied for his Somali passport online from Hargeisa.
"Abdullahi Abdulsalan Borleh bought his ticket from Angola, to Bombay, India by way of Turkey" ,Joint Investigation Team (JIT)  officials said. 
As the Camera shows, two different days had been carried the laptop to the airport.  It shows Hassan Atto and Abdiweli entering into the airport and sat a restaurant next to where the Khat is unloaded before they proceeded to another restaurant near the flight where they joined Borleh sitting there with the laptop. 

After drinking tea together, they were told Turkish Airlines flight was  canceled that day for bad weather. Their target of that day was the suspended Turkish Airlines.
The next day as the CCTV shows Atto {Mr Nice Shirt} managed a bag with a laptop to pass the screening. A gray policeman was standing there and an AMISOM security personnel was playing mobile games.  
The X-ray machines  at the Mogadishu airport did detect the bomb by signaling yellow but unfortunately, the sign was not known to the Turkish man who was there. Mr Atto, who was the departure lounge took the laptop without any disturbing and sat next to two Somali MPs:  Fadumo from Isack clan and Dahir from Hawadle clan, in the waiting room for the flight. 
Abdiweli, an agent for NISA - Somalia's National Intelligence and security agency joined to Hassan Atto to take him to  Borleh when he was alone in the waiting room- left behind all the passengers about five minutes. They saw off  Borleh to the gate of the plane.  
According to the Group. Borleh  carried the laptop computer with a bomb in it onto Daallo Airlines Flight 159 and he secured himself 16 F seat where he quarreled  with a man that already booked the seat. The man left and Borleh remained there. 
1986 American Airplane TWA also some one blows up himself with same seat 16 F ,three people died. 
The two text seats were empty and he managed to place the device to maximize damage but he was too hurried. It only reached 10, 000 feet when the laptop was blown into many pieces. Luckily they were, they did not  reach their cruising altitude of 30,000ft which the blast likely would have set off a catastrophic secondary explosion in the fuel tank. 
When the terrorist attack failed,  officials from Somaliland  entered bargain to Al-Shabaab for claiming the responsibility for the attack but after rejected it, business people that finance the terrorist group intervened in to persuade it and Somaliland gave one million U.S dollar to Al-Shabaab for claiming it which they eventually did it. 
The explosive device built into a laptop computer that detonated on a Somalia passenger jet was made in a house belonging to a pro-Somaliland businessman and one of the ISIL faction founders in Somalia, Abdikarim Seenyo, who hails from Sheekhaal clan. 
According to reliable sources, the Laptop has been placed into the hands of  Hassan Atto by Mustaf Harqanle, a man who always stays at the seaport and also a nephew Seenyo. 
Mr Atto, nicknamed Mr. Nice Shirt was involved several terrorist attacks before, including the hotels that he had worked: Sahafi Hotel, Jazeera Hotel, SYL Hotel and Central Hotel. Unconfirmed source says that he also involved in Lido  restaurant attack.
Atto went with Abdiweli, where he was killed by a car bomb.
Colonel Abdiweli asked Atto to drive the car to Wadajir district without knowing that he was being eliminated. Abdiweli told him to stay in the car as he was telling that he wanted to see off his kid and get some stuff for himself from the store. 
A little bit later,  a bomb that detonated in the car went off  after Abdiweli pushed the bottom of a remote control killing Atto and sending the car into the sky.

By Dahir Alasow
Investigative Journalist
Waagacusub Media

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Video Top secret of Airplane bomber - Somaliland -Shabaab ? 16F Seat -Ticket Angola

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